Dear Devotees,

The nine days festival of Navarathri commences on the 07th of October 2021 and concludes on 15th October 2021 with Vijayathasami. As part of this auspicious celebration this year, we would like to formally invite you to participate in the cultural programs, which encompass performances such as classical dancing, Bhajans and vocal/instrumental programs. We would like to have cultural and religious programs over 8 days of the Navarathri festival (07th October – 14th October 2021).

To register your interest, please fill out the table below and forward it to

If you require additional details, please contact any of the cultural program coordinators mentioned below:

  • Mrs Nithiya Murugaverl :     mob 0469 396 749
  • Mrs Elangovan Gomathi :    mob 0412 099 095

Please note the following time slots will be adhered to:

Weekdays:  30 minutes will be assigned for cultural programs, with 7 minutes for individual performances and 10 minutes for group/school performances

Weekends (Friday-Sunday): 45 minutes will be assigned for cultural programs, with 7 minutes for individual performances and 10 minutes for group and 20 minutes for school performances. Time assigned includes stage preparation.

School performances will be placed last in the order of cultural performances.  Preference will be given to young children to perform early in the evening. The cultural programs will commence at 7:45 pm except on Friday when it will commence at 8:15pm.

Name of Performer


Description of the item (vocal/instrument / dance)


Approximate Time of the Performance.






Contact number






Please register your name, child’s or school’s name as soon as possible (prior to 28th September 2021), so we can have a wide variety of performances throughout the festival. 

We would like to have youth volunteers to announce as masters of ceremonies during the Festival, hence if you’re interested please contact Mrs Nithiya Murugaverl; Mrs Elangovan Gomathi

On the 9th day evening (15th October 2021) we will be having the annual Kanni pooja, if you would like to register please contact either one of the cultural coordinators or a committee member at the front counter.

Thank you,

Management Council 

Saiva Maha Sabai (WA) Inc