Tamil New Year
Facebook Livestream of Tamil New Year: 14-04 2020


Dear Devotees,

On behalf of m/c we would like to wish all devotees Happy Tamil new year 2020. 

During this unprecedented time, with corona virus epidemic it has been decided only to conduct daily, Nithiya poosai as per agama rules to our lord Murugan by our temple priests.  

As precautionary measures Temple will not allow any devotees to enter the temple or to take part in any rituals or poosai on 14/4/20 (Tamil ) new year day. 

Devotees are not permitted to attend new year ceremonies and poosai. There will be a special abisheham followed by Nithiya midday poosai from 11.30 to  12 noon.  

This will be broadcasted via our facebook live streaming: Perth Murugan facebook page   We welcome you all to log in and view it from your home or work place. Perth Bala Murugan Dewasthanam

 Please accept our apologies for making this as a firm decision as per Government regulations currently in place. 

With lord’s blessings 
Balamurugan Management committee.
Saiva Maha Sabai